Sports betting system: WARNING for those who want to quit their JOB one day…

"Do you want to know RIGHT NOW How you can easily make money EVERY DAY betting on sports?"

From: Johnny X

Dear friend,

I'm going to cut to the chase. No BS, no games and no marketing tricks are going to be used.

You already know what high percentage picks mean to your business. YES, it is a business. It is THE high percentage plays that control your income from your local or online sports book. If you're wagering on sports or wanting to make some serious income, then you can't afford NOT to pay attention to what I'm about to say.

Ignore This At Your Own Risk!

Let's be honest here. The systems and techniques that I'm going to tell you about are being used whether you like it or not. These are the very systems that the elite are using to literally wipeout their local sports books.

In the real world, it's not about what is fair. If you want to play nice then you don't have the stomach for winning in this business. It's a cutthroat world and you need to use every advantage you have to win.

Regardless if you like it or not these betting systems are being used every day to level the sports books. If you use them, then you can be on the winning side, if you don't use them, then you will most likely end up on the losing side. But either way these systems and techniques are being used.

Are You Part of the 95% Who Lose Almost Every Time a Wager Is Placed?

Many sports bettors don't realize how hard it is to actually profit from wagering on sports. More than 95% of the betting population will come out on the losing side in the long run. My goal here is to change that percentage.

Obviously I am not going to allow everyone in on this valuable information. I want those who are serious about making loads of cash and those who want treat this like a business. The systems and techniques I use are so powerful that I cannot have this information spreading all around the internet.

So if you're one of those who places small bets "just for fun" or because "the game is on TV," then you need to go ahead and leave now.

Are You Going To Use These Systems to Your Advantage Or Continue to Let Vegas Beat You Into the Ground?

Hell, I know the pain that Vegas causes. I used to have to deal with it before I found out how to beat them. Now, I know there are tons of phony systems and cappers out there just wanting to take your money. I can guarantee you that is NOT what you will find here.

The information I have waiting for you is unlike anything you ever seen. Seriously, once you take a look at this stuff you will smile and think, "I will not have to work another hour of my life."

You just need this information, plain and simple. It literally is the golden key to an unstoppable stream of income.

There are many places you can go and buy lousy picks from sketchy cappers that don't care if you win or lose and there are many places you can go and purchase systems that require you to chase a victory by doubling your bets. Again, you will not find that here.

What I want to tell you about is how to beat the living hell out of Vegas and your bookie.

You see, now I feel like Vegas is my own personal ATM machine. My systems are so accurate that I never worry about losing.

Now I love Vegas, don't get me wrong! What has caused other people massive headaches has made me a fortune.

Here's the deal…

It took me several years to get to the point where I could consistently bet on sports to make a solid profit. It seemed every time that I had it running smooth? I would find things in my systems that needed some tweaking. I finally perfected all my systems and now the winning is unstoppable. That's when it became obvious that I need to keep this under the radar and keep it only to myself.

What I Found Out Next Shocked Me

The accuracy of my systems was just mind boggling. I was making straight wagers and going weeks without a single loss and that's placing multiple bets every day.


When I saw these results I was fired up.

Do You Realize What This Information Can Do for You?

All right, if you don't understand I'll break it down for you.

I have created and developed my own betting systems based off years of historical data. Over the years I have developed more than 200 systems and every single one of them are worth a fortune.

WHY? Because that's what they can do for you, make you a fortune!

You'll be so confident when you place a bet because when you look at the system that your bet falls under, you'll see that there is more than a 90% chance it will win.

You can get rich fast. The amount of money you will be winning will blow your mind. And while you do this, you can knock out your local book and start planning your next vacation.

You're Wasting Your Time And Money If You Are Placing Bets That Are NOT From These Systems

No one, and I mean no one has this kind of information.

You will not find this information anywhere on the internet and you will not find a handicapper that can deliver the winning percentage that you will have, using these systems.

I've got all of the systems waiting for you. You can download them and get going in a matter of seconds!

But there is no way I'm sharing them with everybody.

I've Set A Limit On How Many Can Be Purchased and Downloaded

Like I said before, I don't want these systems being blasted around the internet. If everyone had these systems then Vegas would adjust the lines.

I want you to realize how valuable this opportunity is and what it can do for you. I released these systems a while back and set a limit to 20. When 20 were sold I shut everything down.

People were rushing so fast to buy the systems that I couldn't get the site closed down fast enough and 20 extra people actually purchased the systems. I was selling hard copies then so I actually refunded those 20 people and told them I was sorry, that I could not ship them a copy because they did not get in soon enough. I have to say, it wasn't easy for me to refund $18,000 to these people but I set a limit and it was final.

So When I Say There Is a Limit to How Many People I Can Let In, I MEAN IT!

There's nothing like knowing you can place a wager and feel so confident that it is going to win. Knowing that you have the tools that can make you tons of money week after week and year after year, just makes life so enjoyable.

I have been enjoying this luxury for more than 20 years and now you have the opportunity to have the same luxury.

Why Am I Releasing These Systems Again?

The reason I am releasing the systems again is because the most profitable time of year is rapidly approaching. Yes, I am talking about the MLB season.

For the past 20 years my systems have absolutely dominated the MLB regular season, playoffs, and World Series. My systems are extremely accurate in every sport but my MLB systems are just scary accurate.

Now this will be the last opportunity to get your personal copy of all my betting systems. I've had people offer me more than 5 thousand dollars for these systems and I turned them down. Since the economy is so bad, I thought I would be a little generous with the price this time.

But before you make your decision I want you to know exactly what you will be receiving when you order today. I also want to make sure that you are serious about sports betting and serious about making large amounts of income.

Here's what you'll receive in this package…

  • Five laser accurate systems for the NBA that will have you making more money than Kobe!
  • The two MLB systems that make Major League Baseball and the Sportsbooks my personal ATM machine. I'm warning you… these are really dirty!
  • Discover the "never before seen" NFL systems and strategies I've used the past 10 years to send my bankroll through the roof!
  • For the first time ever, you will have the only systems in existence for NCAA Hoops and they win big!
  • My personal money management guide. gotta have some discipline in this business or else you will lose and with this guide, you will never make a mistake.
  • Over 200 super trends that are as good as gold. A huge percentage of my success has come from these trends that I developed over many years. Now you can use them for your success.
  • Everything explained in easy to follow "step by step" details. Like I said… If you can follow simple "do this, do that" instructions, you have everything needed to make big money, real fast.

For a limited time, I am going to include what I call, "My Secret Weapon"

sports betting system Bonus

This system shows you how to win 90% of your MLB bets daily. It has nothing to do with arbitrage betting, it's not a chase system, and there is more than 5 system plays daily.

As you can tell, I have a lot of systems. Each and every one of them have been tweaked and perfected for consistent and accurate results.

A majority of these systems are straight wagers. Meaning, none of them require you to make a bet and if it loses you double your bet (no chase systems). There are no systems that require you to make parlays, teasers, round robins, etc. No arbitrage betting.

As you can also see, there will be a system play almost every single day throughout the year.

If you're serious about making a lot of money from betting on sports then it is time to act now and get a copy of all these powerful systems.

As soon as your payment has been processed you will receive an email with the download link so you can look through them and have access to them right away.

Get the Syndicate Sports Betting Systems Right Now $97

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So Who Is Mr. X?

As I'm sure you know, Mr. X isn't my real name.

I have no intention of revealing my real identity because it's irrelevant. What matters is that you use these systems to make you a lot of money. I'm sure there will be a lot of discussion as to who I am. Many people will waste their time trying to figure out my identity instead of using the systems to make them money.

Trying to find out what my identity is won't make you any money. What will, is putting these systems to use.

I Don't Need to Release This Information

In fact, what I make from this will be considered chump change to me. I am not trying to be cocky, it's just the truth. I'm releasing it for 2 reasons?

  1. So you can stop getting your ass handed to you by the sports books.
  2. So you can start making a lot of money and live the life they have always dreamed of.

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Period! As soon as it is sold out, there will be no more orders taken.

This Is the Most Valuable Information Ever Released on Sports Betting!

I think it's easy to tell why I'm only releasing 100 copies to the public. If too many people have access to these systems then ?

  1. It will dilute it's effectiveness.
  2. It will cause major line movements.

Hell, the guys that already have this stuff don't want me to offer it anymore! Not to mention the guys that this will be used on (the books). They will be pissed when this is used to destroy their business.

I'm going to be the most wanted man on the internet. People will be furious at me for releasing this!

Anyways, here's what's going on?

I will be selling only 100 copies of my systems that I am calling, "Syndicate Betting Systems". The first 100 buyers get it for a very low price of $197 and then I am shutting the site down.

However this is easily worth thousands or tens of thousands in the right hands.

How Much Would You Pay to OWN Your Bookie and Have the Tools That Can Set You Up for Life?

Many people would pay thousands to get this kind of information in their hands. Think about it, if you have all of these systems and a majority of them have over a 90% winning percentage, you pretty much know the outcome before it starts.

The fact of the matter is, this package will be gone so fast that you are lucky you can even see this page right now. Last time I had this offer up it was gone in 20 minutes.

Get the Syndicate Sports Betting Systems Right Now $97

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Don't Wait and Think It Over

I'm just being completely straight with you here. As soon as the sports betting community becomes hip to this offer these copies will be gone fast. Once these copies are gone, I will never sell any more. This offer will be gone for good.

And just to make sure you understand that this isn't some type of scam (I understand that this sounds too good to be true)? I'm backing it up with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

sports betting system gurantee

There you have it. You now carry no risk and are backed up by a performance guarantee.

You have no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of this one time opportunity before 100 are sold out forever.

Get the Syndicate Betting Systems Right Now $97

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Are You a Player or a Poser?

I think by now you understand what kind of value these systems hold. If you're a player then you know what this means to your business and you've already taken action. If you're a poser then there is no reason for me to keep talking to you. In fact, there's no reason for you to be reading this at all. We both know you'll never take advantage of this information.


Johnny X

P.S. I want you to dominate the MLB season with me. I always do and you can do it with me! It's time to get serious and it's time to make some real money. Get in on this deal right now before it is too late.